Audrey Hepburn

by Rhiatta from Loveland

Brave, selfless, kind, and more - these are qualities of a hero. This hero is the "fabulous Audrey Hepburn" This woman is a beautiful person with a kind heart. One of the thing that she helped the most with the time she was here was working with children who had been through warfare.

Determined, that is a characteristic she has. When she was only 6 her father had walked out of being a father and a husband. Suddenly World War 2 breaks out! There was a lack of food she was forced to eat tulip bulbs and baking grass into bread. The UNICEF came and helped Audrey and her family.

Soon she grew a passion for dance. In fact one of her very first numbers was a dance scene. In the meantime she would dance on the street to help support her family. Then she became a professional dancer and went into the movie industry. Then starred in many famous movies like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Roman Holiday"

When she was older she supported many charities and gave so so much. One of her main things that she supported was children who had been through war, just like her. And she loved and cared for all children that had been put in her situation.

I wanted to do her because she shows so many qualities of a hero like determined, caring, and selfless.Audrey was a beautiful person who touches my heart. I see now how blessed and privileged we are and we live in such a great place so that we don't have to go through warfare.

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