Adela Hernandez

by Julieta from Long Beach

"You, who has the opportunity, should work hard so that you won't have to be like me"

My mother Adela Hernandez is my hero because she is remarkable and hardworking. Her whole life has always revolved around her family, and her family's well being, doing everything necessary. My mother always puts her family first, and it doesn't matter if she is starving as long as her children have food. She is an inspiration to work and study hard, because even though she wasn't able to achieve her dream, she wants her children to.

She was born in November of the year 1963, in Zacatecas Mexico. When she was 13 she moved to the United States and started school. Even though she, nor her family knew English, she went to school. It was very difficult for her to understand the material and to do the work, and even though no one helped her she still graduated from high school.

After she married my father, they were very poor and many times their wallets were empty. She started working very hard at jobs that didn't pay well and attended city college, and went from working in a school cafeteria to becoming an instructional teacher's aide. She continues to go to night school and earn her credits.

My mother has worked her whole life to give a good living to her family. She has always been the bread winner of the family and provided her family of seven with food, clothing, and a roof over their heads. She owns a home and three cars, which she paid of with her hard work. Even though she works as an instructional aide, she also works at home preparing income taxes. Aside from that she goes to school at night, but still finds time to cook dinner, help her son with his homework and visit her mother. She is a spectacular mother, a caring wife, and a thankful daughter.

Her mother, brothers, and sisters
Her mother, brothers, and sisters

Since she has gone through many hard times, she has always told her children to work hard since they know the language and have better resources. She encourages them to try their best and not give up so that we can achieve everything she wasn't able to. She is an inspiring role model that deserves much more than what she has.

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