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Andrea Hirata

by Grace from Jakarta

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Andrea Hirata is an Indonesian writer. Maybe his name is not well-known in our ears but his journey is so awesome. Andrea has released his book whose titles are Laskar pelangi, Sang pemimpi, Edensor and Maryamah Karpov. His book are the best sellers in 2006-2007. All his journey he wrote on his tetralogy which makes me inspired.

Andrea Hirata was born in Belitong Island in Indonesia. He came from a poor family. But this situation didn’t make him blind to education. He thought that education was very important. From his hard work he got a scholarship to Frane and UK. Now, Andrea works in Bandung and has graduated from Universite de Paris, Sorbonne, France and Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. He took master of science in there. But he also loves literature. His dream is to live in Kye Gompa, The highest village in Himalaya.

From his book I really like Laskar Pelangi and this book is one of Andrea’s books that inspired me. Laskar Pelangi told about Andrea and his 9 friends in Belitong Island whose came from a poor family there. They were schools in Muhammadiyah elementary school and junior high school. The school was free but the condition of the building wasn’t good. Their names were Ikal (Writer’s nickname), Lintang (The genius), Mahar (like an art and mystical thing), A Kiong (Chinese student), Sahara (The only girl in the class), Syahadan (the obedient boy), Kucai (The class leader), Samson (the strongest boy in class), Trapani (Handsome boy who loves his mother very much), Harun (Has a mental disease).

They were very happy to go to school although the condition wasn’t good for them. For example Lintang had to ride a bicycle about 80 KM to go to school. All Laskar Pelangi’s had a dream for their future which it’s impossible for children like them; for example Ikal who want to study in French and go to Africa to see this world. But in the story, one of Laskar Pelangi’s members, Lintang, couldn’t continue his education, although he has a brain over the average from any children in his age, because he must help his family to work. It is very painful because he can get a better future if he continues to study but the condition wasn't on Lintang’s side. That situation makes me feel that I must study hard because there are a lot of people who want it but they can’t.

Andrea Hirata inspired me from his book not to easily give up with every condition and to study hard because there are a lot of people who can’t get education because they don’t have any money. He also tells us that we mustn’t forget what God gives to us and we must say thank you to His greatest gift. It is his journey from zero to hero without saying ‘ give up’ or ‘It’s impossible’ that makes me choose him to be my super hero.

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