Writers Heroes

Andrea Hirata

by Nadhira from Bandung, Indonesia

I'd like to tell you about my favourite writer

Andrea Hirata is one of Indonesian talented young writer. Although he only has written three books (his fourth book is being written now), everybody has known that his books are very awakening and inspiring.

He came from Belitong, a place in centre of Sumatra. In past times, Belitong was a wonderful place. That's why Andrea loves Belitong so much. But everything changed when PT. Timah got bankrupt.

All of Andrea's books are based from his autobiography and he added a few fictions on it. In his first book, Laskar Pelangi, he was called 'Ikal' by his friends because he has curly hair. When he was child, he had a group named Laskar Pelangi. Laskar Pelangi are Ikal, Lintang, Mahar, Sahara, A Kiong, Harun, Borek, Trapani, Kucai, Samson, and Syahdan. In Laskar Pelangi, he wrote that in poverty conditions, if we have a high spirit and motivation, we can reach our dream, no matter how difficult it is.

Sang Pemimpi (his second book), told about Andrea and his cousin, Arai. It is grim until they can study in Sorbonne University in Paris, France. In his third book, Edensor, he told about the struggle to live and study abroad. In this book, he also told about his adventures from Europe to Africa and his journey to find his 'first love', A Ling.

All of Andrea's books always inspire people who read it. He can make the readers be captivated. Many people can survive and rise their lives after reading his books. He became the most favourite writer. Now, Andrea works in PT. Telkom as a researcher. Besides that, he gets a lot of money from the royalties of his books. All of his dreams had been reached by him. Like going abroad, having a good job, making an inspiring book, and especially, making his parents and friends proud of him. But, just one thing that he hasn't reached, that is finding A Ling, his love at first sight.

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