Aaron Jaws Homoki

by Francisco from Mission Viejo

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Jumping off he house roof and with only his skateboard, a 360 grab when he launches off the ramps. This is one of the amazing things that Aaron Jaws Homoki can do. He also was on the cover of March 2016 of Thrasher Magazine. He was successfully performing an Ollie Melon grab the famous Lyon 25.

My personal hero is a very successful man because he skated every day until he became pro and he gets paid for something he loves and can do it until he dies. He became pro by Tony Hawk company called Bird House. Aaron Jaws Homoki will bring his unique talent for crazy line, big drops and speed to both the park and street contests.

He never went to college and he's is still doing what he loves today. They skate for a Cause like when a new skate shop opens they get pros to meet kids and take pics with the kids and give them their autographs and then they give a show of them skateboarding to get to see them how good they are on a board and get to see their tricks that some kids can't do.

In order to follow in the career path of my personal hero, Aaron Jaws Homoki, I will need to improve my skate skills. Those will include skate vert and street. This will require that I go outside and practice my tricks and learn them off, and drops and gaps and many more than that.

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