Allama Iqbal

by Alizain from Karachi

Nations are born

BIOGRAPHY: Allama Iqbal is my hero. He was born in Sialkot, Pakistan on 09 November 1877. His father's name was Sheikh Noor Muhammad. He completed his studies from Heidel University in Munich. He was interested in philosophy, religion, politics and exploring relation with human beings and Almighty Allah.  He started writing for children and then for Muslim awakening  in Indopak. He lived a very pious life and his poems were full of deep thoughts and mostly related to God {Allah}. He was devoted to religion and faith.  He wrote many poems for adults and children with his thought provoking ideas which were meant to bring unity among the Muslims as a prosperous nation. He wrote many poems . Some of them are as follows: The call of the marching bell ,Question and answer, The secret of selflessness gift from Hijaz. His ideology of two nation theory resulted in Pakistan movement. He was an active leader of All India Muslim league. The first-ever party for Muslims' representation. One of his stanzas is as follow:

Have you ever pondered, Muslim youth
on deep serious things
what is this world in which
This you is a broken star.

I admire him because of his remarkable poetic thoughts and his Islamic way of life. His poems reflect the ethical values and morals with a humanistic approach. His idea of unity and integrity for success of a nation inspires me and his overall personality is also a source of inspiration for me. His philosophies as a thinker, poet and philosopher are commendable and are worth reading and appreciating.

His most brilliant books are as follows:
Complaint and the answer.
Gift from hijaz.
The secret of selflessness.
The call of the marching bell.

His poetic thoughts were influenced by:

He left this world on 21st April 1938.

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