Alan Jackson

by Tyler from Shippensburg

Alan Jackson (google)
Alan Jackson (google)

Each day, many people listen to Alan Jackson on the radio or watch one of his music videos. Although, a lot of people don’t always realize how much he is a hero to country music. Many people like his music because of what it means to them and the message that it is sending. Jackson’s impact on the world of country music can’t be denied. I admire Alan Jackson for many reasons but there are three that are the most significant. Those three are his musical talent, his determination, and his dedication.

Getting into the country music business and making a name for himself was not an easy task for Jackson. Rejection from recording companies became commonplace for him until he signed a contract with Arista Records. Through it all, his determination to get a record deal is what drove him on to get one. The determination to his career has helped him to work towards where he is now and having 34 number one songs.

Also, Jackson’s musical talent is another reason why I admire him. I admire that because he writes most of his own songs and he records them. Adding to that, when he sings a song he speaks for the people. His songs have such a truth to them and explain how he views the world. Another point about his music is that he writes most of his songs on the CD’S that he releases. On stage, he is an entertainer and always connects with the audience.

Another reason that I admire Jackson is because of his dedication to faith, family and friends. That dedication could have helped him get back with his wife after they were separated. Now he is with her and dedicated to her and that is admirable. Also, he is dedicated to his three daughters and making time with them. It has to be difficult because of being a music star and having all the tours, record recordings, and time away from home.

In conclusion, Alan Jackson is a hero for many reasons, but the main three are his dedication to family, his determination in his career, and his talent as a musician. He is determined to be successful in his career and that has helped him in getting record deals and producing number one songs. Jackson’s musical talent is admirable because he is able to really connect with the audience at a concert and is able to speak for people in many ways through his songs. For all these reasons Alan Jackson is a hero.

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