Andrew Jenks

by Shaheena from Newark

The World Of Jenks (
The World Of Jenks (

Andrew Jenks born a very dedicated film writer on March 5 1986 Cortlandt Manor, New York. When he was nine, his family moved to Belgium for two years. Jenks attended Hendrick Hudson High School in Montrose, New York and also formerly was a film student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Jenks Stayed With Maino For A Week. (
Jenks Stayed With Maino For A Week. (

I picked Andrew Jenks because he's inspiring and passionate about the world and tries to look from other people's points of views and he tries to impact their lives and change them by living with them for a week. He stays with random people every week like a MMA fighter or a man with autism also even a homeless girl just to see what it's like to live their way and to see why they live that way.

Andrew Jenks Room 335 (
Andrew Jenks Room 335 (

He was the founder of Hendrick Hudson Film Festival which is at its eighth year, he also made two documentaries which were Andrew Jenks Room 335 and The Zen Of Bobby V. Andrew Jenks Room 335 was bought by HBO and premiered in Europe and Australia in the month of January in 2008. His film The Zen Of Bobby V was featured in the Tribeca Film Festival

In January 2010, MTV signed Jenks to do a documentary-series titled World of Jenks, which premiered September 13th, 2010 on MTV which has many viewers of any age. Kid Cudi allowed this show to use his song 'Soundtrack 2 My Life' as its theme song. CREDIT:

The 24-year-old filmed the lives of 12 very different individuals, immersing himself in each of their worlds. Jenks spoke to about how he was able to understand how someone like rap star Maino, who has spent time in jail and on the streets, become an inspiration to his hometown, or why a girl nicknamed Heavy D chooses to be homeless.


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