Angelina Jolie

by Katie from Van Nuys

My hero is my friend

My hero is Angelina Joelyn I picked her because she helped a lot of people that didn’t have a home and people that didn’t have food. She is a really famous person. She is a really helpful and caring person. I really think she’s a really great person I think the people that she helped really love her for helping her for what she have done. She’s really nice and thoughtful for what she is doing.

Angelina Joelyn is helpful because she treated kids with care and she didn’t care what people thought about her and she knew that she was doing the right thing for them. She’s always there for them when they need help. I think that she is really kind for helping those poor people. She is always trying to help them with food and for their homes. They are lucky for having someone to help them for everything they need.

I think she is caring for what she is doing for them. She is using her time that she has to help them as much as she can. I know it is hard to go help them wherever they are. I know that she is trying her best to do whatever she can. That is really caring of her to do. She helps the little kids for the clothes, the food and their homes. It is really nice that she is treating them like family.

She’s really helpful to the kids and parents that don’t have a home or food. She is setting the kids a good example to the parents and the little girls and boys. I bet the kids are really happy for what she is doing to help them. It takes a lot of care and patience to do what she is doing to help the people that need help. She is making them feel happy. The parents are helping too by setting a good example for them.

She gives food to the people that are homeless and to the people that don’t have food to eat. I think people thank her every time she is there to help them with the problems. By helping them with the food that they don’t have and without a home, I think she makes a good role model for kids and teenagers. The other thing that I think is cool is that she could travel wherever she wants to help the people that are poor. She is a really good person as you read. She is a really helpful, caring and thoughtful person.

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