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Andrew Johnson

by Eric from Essex Junction

Mr. Johnson is a volunteer for The Boy Scouts Of America. He is a  den leader for pack 653, in Essex Town.

Mr. Johnson became a den leader this year with his son, who is a tiger scout. Mr. Johnson wanted his son to have a positive experience in scouts. He wanted to help the other boys in the den as well.

Mr. Johnson has been involved in scouting for one year. Mr. Johnson has a scout meeting three times each month. He has a Leader meeting once a month. The most challenging moment for Mr. Johnson was the first den meeting. He asked other people to volunteer and help. He found that many parents wouldn't. Only a handful of parents in the den would volunteer. Mr. Johnson stated, "I understand they are busy, but when I specifically ask for help, I would really like some help. It's a hard job to do all by myself".

One future goal Mr. Johnson wants to accomplish is staying in the Boy Scouts as a den leader, while his son is in Cub Scouts. That what makes Mr. Johnson keep going back, is he promised that he would keep being a leader for as longs as he can.

Mr. Johnson was born in Essex Town, Vermont. He also was a scouter. Mr. Johnson liked to play basketball, baseball, football and track in high school.

Both Mr. Johnson's parents were volunteers. His mother and Father are both members of the Essex Jct. Lions Club. His mother was the first female member of the club. They both volunteer with other groups. His father was always a den leader for scout leader when Mr. Johnson was a kid. His dad was his baseball coach and helped with the boosters in football. He was always helping him out''.

"In conclusion Mr. Johnson is my hero for outstanding honor and courage for The Boy Scouts of America and helping boys move to the road of a good citizenship".


By: Eric Thompson Troop 658

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