Angelina Jolie

by Alexandrine from Lille

My hero is Angelina Jolie. She was born on June 4th 1975, she is 40 years old. She's American and she was born in Los Angeles. She's an actress, a director and a goodwill ambassador. She received 3 Golden Globes, 2 screen Actors Awards and 1 Oscar of the cinema. She is a Goodwill Ambassador, she defended many humanitarian causes worldwide and is considered as her work in favour of the refugees with "United Nations High Commissioner for refugees". Angelina Jolie is a woman committed to the protection of the nature and the animals. She adopted many children with Brad Pitt, her husband. She can't bear to see an unfortunate, sad child or a child who is hungry... It affects me because I agree with her, the children shouldn't be unhappy; it's necessary to see them smiling, happy and in good health.

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