Alicia Keyes

by Lakish from North Carolina

Alicia Keyes is an amazing women. She not only is a singer who inspires children to follow their dreams but she also is the ambassador of Keep a Child Alive. She followed her dreams and inspires others till this day. She cares a lot about global issues.

Alicia Keyes is the ambassador of Keep a Child Alive. Keep a Child Alive is a program that helps families in Africa with their awareness in HIV/AIDS. There is a HIV/AIDS epidemic and Alicia Keys was moved by it. She helped start the program because of how bad it was in Africa. Alicia Keys is also a AIDS activist and philanthropist.

Alicia Keys is someone that you can look up to as your hero because of the amazing things she has done. She may not have moved mountains but she has helped thousands, maybe even millions, of people in Africa. She is a strong African American women and she is brave. She is devoted to what she does and I look up to her for that.

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