Alicia Keys

by Shylasia from Wyandanch

Its a picture when she is modeling . (google images of alicia )
Its a picture when she is modeling . (google images of alicia )

Alicia Augello Cook was on January 25, 1980. Her parents' names: father (Craig Cook) and mother name (Terri Augello). Her parents were paralegals and actors. She was raised in a rough life style. Her mother was a single mom because they got a divorce when she was little.

When Alicia was seven years old she started to play the piano. When Alicia got older, she went to a professional performing arts school located in Manhattan. When she graduated she got a scholarship to "Columbia University". After when she graduated from college she started her music.


In Jan 25, 1981, Manhattan, New York

Multi-talented Alicia Keys released her first album, Songs in A Minor, in 2001. The success of the first single Fallin helped rocket Keys to stardom. In 2003 she released her second album called "The Diary of Alicia Keys".

The reason why I think Alicia Augello Cook (Key) is my hero because she inspired me to move on when problems come my way and she believes that education is important in life. She teaches kids that when if you believe in yourself you can go forward in life and work hard too. That's why she inspired me.

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