Lifesavers Heroes

Alyssa King

by Laura from Hastings

My friend, Alyssa King, grew up in the rural part of a small town called Hastings, Minnesota. She is the youngest of two children. Her brother is 25 and she is 21 years old. When she was a kid, she enjoyed dancing and playing rugby.

Some of the jobs Alyssa has had were pretty cool. She worked at Dairy Queen and in the afterschool program in the Hastings School District. Today, she works at the Allina Health Clinic in Hastings and Northfield. She earned her degree as a Radiology Technologist and enjoys her work. She is proud to be able to afford her own home.

Alyssa has had a few struggles in her life with friends, co-workers, and trying to pay all the bills in today's economy. She admires her parents for helping her become a strong individual and to reach for all of her goals in life. She also appreciates her mom and dad for teaching her right from wrong. Her favorite bible verse is from Matthew chapter 7. "Do to others whatever you would have them do to you" is what she tries to live by. This is called the Golden Rule.

I chose Alyssa as my hero because she is a role model to everyone. She is sweet, kind, and generous. I want to be an x-ray technician just like her when I grow up. The qualities I admire about her is that she is friendly, loving, caring, and fun. Alyssa is one of the coolest and greatest people I have ever met in my whole life!

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