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Akiane Kramarik

by Emily Arnelien from Cabri

Akiane Kramarik (
Akiane Kramarik (

Akiane Kramarik is an incredibly talented and beautiful girl who serves as an inspiration for many people. Akiane said that her life goal is "to bring people closer together through art." She started drawing at age four and painting at age six, and hasn't stopped since. Her work is critically acclaimed all over the globe and her paintings sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's hard to believe that she's only in her late teens.

She was born July 9, 1994 in Mount Morris Illinois, since then she's lived in Missouri, Colorado, and Idaho. She grew up in poverty but at age four everything changed when she started experiencing "visions". Her family weren't believers in God and never discussed God with Akiane so they were perplexed by her descriptions of heaven and a being she referred to as "God." Over time, her visions which she would promptly sketch, paint, or write poems about would lead her family to become Christians and would thrust Akiane into the limelight. Oprah first noticed Akiane's work and after appearing on her show, Akiane's popularity skyrocketed.


Akiane has completed approximately 250 works of art and counting. She wakes at four in the morning most days to paint; she paints one picture at a time and can spend one hundred to two hundred hours per painting. She paints from her imagination, her visions, and observations of people and nature. She calls her painting style "Akianism", a blend of imaginism and realism. Her art exhibitions have been held in museums, universities, embassies, galleries, institutes, churches, hotels, and private mansions. Her collectors include world leaders, scientists, royalty, celebrities, and everyday people. She's been featured on hundreds of radio shows, documentaries, television shows, and even has two best-selling books published.

Akiane is an incredibly accomplished young lady in many areas of life, not just art. She speaks four languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian, and Sign Language. Her poetry is world-renowned just like her art. She loves reading and has recently started playing the piano. Akiane says the thing she likes most about herself is her "sensitivity to people" and loves anything to do with people and their behaviour.


All of Akiane's artwork and poetry is way beyond her years, showing that you can achieve greatness no matter your age. Her work touches you in a way not many things can. Her compassion, understanding, and love for people show what a genuine person she is. Akiane has touched thousands of people and has even inspired me to paint. Her story is inspiring too, from very humble conditions to being a world-renowned art prodigy and celebrated poet. She is a very talented girl and is a great role model for anybody.

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