Aas Kurniasih

by Medinanissa Kintara from SMAN 5 Bandung

I’d like to tell you about my mom. Her name is Aas Kurniasih, she was born in Palembang.

She is 46 years old. Her height is about 160 cm and her weight is about 60 kg. She has long wavy hair and the color of her hair is black with a little red highlight. She is a housewife. Her hobby is cooking and traveling. She used to work at the bank, but after she got married with my father she decided to become a housewife. She really hates cockroaches, so if there is a cockroach she’ll ask me to get the cockroach away. Every week my mom and my dad always do cycling.

That’s all I can tell about my mom. I wish her always happy, healthy, and has a long life. I love you mom.

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