Writers Heroes

Ahmed Tayeb Laalej

by Oumaima from Kenitra

My Hero Project
Student: Oumaima Bammou
Teacher: Ikram Eseghir
School: Mohamed 5 High School

My hero is the triumph and the victory
My hero is my glory
He is the moon, He is the sun
He is my way where I will run
The man who fights
Just to illuminate culture's heights
The man who presents the real meaning of book
Which takes you away, far and far from your homework
His weapon is the word
To say all things good
Yes! He is my inspiration
He is a new artistic revolution
I identify myself with my one and only hero and leader
My example, my ideal forever
But Now! You're sleeping there
Your books, your drama pieces will remain a witness every time and everywhere
I wish that a fairy comes and takes me away
To see you every day and
To tell you all I wanted to say
You'll stay in the memory and the mind
Making of your art my best friend that will always be by my side.

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