Andrew Landon

by Emily from W. St. Paul

"Love happens; and it is so incredibly messy."
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"Love isn't a plan. It doesn't have a certain beginning and it certainly has no end or visible finish line to those deeply in it." In my opinion, Andrew Landon has the greatest insight on love I have ever seen and heard. He writes about it, sings about it, and even shows it in photographs. He's got a way with words that can break down even the toughest barrier on someone's heart. Love makes us crazy, that's undeniable.

Most television, movies, music, and books lead us to believe that love is something along the lines of a fairy tale. The majority of us expect it to come easy, with no fights, no problems, no disagreements. I'll admit it, I thought love was "a world of roses and laughs and perfect moments that you find only in movies", but Andrew Landon has opened my eyes. Ever since the moment I started listening to his music, and his meaningful lyrics, I began to realize that love is hard work. Love takes time, tears, patience, reality, fighting, trust, uncertainty, forgiveness; all the time we spend, tears we shed, patience we show, reality we live, fighting we endure, trust we award, uncertainty we overcome, and forgiveness we convey, is worth it.

Andrew Landon first experienced true love when he was with a girl named Polly. Andrew lived in Florida while Polly lived in California. Despite the distance, their love grew stronger with each day that passed by. I, personally, do not know what happened to break the two up. Polly refused to have contact with Andrew, and even though he wanted her back so badly, he accepted that he would have to put her in his past, and move on. He still isn't over her to this day, but he placed her in a different part of his heart. Currently, he is in a relationship with his lifelong best friend, and is happier than ever. Andrew Landon is still writing music and lyrics, sharing his views of love to the world.

"I was lost but now I have been found, I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, my life, to live as my Lord and my Savior and it has been the best decision of my life." Andrew Landon's belief in God also inspires me. In my opinion, and many others opinions, no love is greater than the Lord's. Andrew has opened his heart to Jesus, allowing him to guide him along the path of love. Each and every one of us will find love, if not with a significant other, then in God.

AndrewLandon - Love Grows.
AndrewLandon - Love Grows.

Andrew Landon is a normal human being, and has normal flaws. He expresses his feelings, even when he is at a loss for words. Andrew is a talented musician, as well as a talented writer. I believe he knows love better than most of us do, the younger generation at least. His beliefs, words, music, and views have all positively affected my life while keeping me in touch with reality. He's shown me that love isn't a fairy tale, but a part of our real lives in which we must learn how to deal with.

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