Avril Ramona Lavigne

by Tabitha from Victorville, California

This is Avril Lavigne on her drums.
This is Avril Lavigne on her drums.

Avril Ramona Lavigne was born September 27, 1984. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Sometimes Avril spent most of her time in Napanee, Ontario. Avril got up on stage with Shania Twain at 15. At 16 Avril started writing songs. At age 17 she signed her first record the album called ''let go'' released in 2002 this album was the best. It had 16 million copies. Avril's second album ''Under my skin'' released in 2004 had 10 million copies - love it. Avril's third album ''The Best #*@& Thing" released in 2007 had 30 million hits and this album was amazing, especially the girl friend song. I can't wait for the fourth album though it is called ''goodbye lullaby'' comes out March 2011. Last year Avril wrote a song for Tim Burton's ''Alice In Wonderland'' - the most awesome song that I have ever heard in a movie.

Avril also has her own clothing line called ''Abbey Dawn.'' She got the name for her clothing line when she was younger - her dad used to call her Abbey Dawn. She had come out with her own perfume and originally starred in ''Over the hedge'' as the possum. Avril has an older brother Matthew and a younger sister Michelle. Avril sang in church choir at the age of two along with her mother. At the age of five she moved to Napanee, Ontario. She misbehaved in class and got kicked out. Her parents supported her singing. Her dad bought her a drum kit, piano, a microphone, several guitars and the basement was turned into a studio. At age 14 Avril's parents took her to karaoke lessons and also sang in country fairs.

Avril won a radio contest and got to sing with the Canadian singer Shania Twain. Avril told Shania that she was going to be famous. At a concert someone spotted her. His name was Stephen Medd. He asked her to sing with him, a song called Touch the sky. After that she was spotted by her manager Cliff Fabri. As Avril was singing with different singers Cliff sent out VHS tapes. Avril was then visited by Mark Jowett, the co-finder of the Canadian management of Nettwerk. Avril then worked in the basement but also during the summer worked with Peter Zizzo in New York and worked on the song ''Why'' on her first album ''Let go''. As soon as she went there she was spotted by Arista Records.

I picked Avril Lavigne because I look up to her. I am trying to learn her songs now and I listen to her music everyday even at school. But some day I would love to meet her but isn't that everyone's dream, to meet their favorite stars? Thing is I love her clothing designs and everything but I love the music best of all. So I can't wait for the new album. She is the most awesome person that I have ever heard.

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