Antonio Adame Legorreta

by Antonio from Tampico

Every action has a consequence

The name of my hero is Antonio Adame Legorreta. He was born in Tampico. He grew up in Tampico and always was a very smart boy. He went to both public and private schools, and never had problems with grades.

His parents influenced him, but it was thanks to GOD coming into his life that made make him who he is today. Some of his skills and talents are helping people in several forms. His great service as a doctor makes him a good member of our society.

He is a Hero for all the people he has helped as a doctor (father, friend, son and everything else). One of the things more remarkable about him is his incredible will and with that I mean he never gives up. Doing this research has helped me see how important it is what he does. I am similar to him because I want to help people. In this research I discovered his age and his date of birth.

The characteristics of him that I like and want to have are all great. His characteristics will help make him go beyond status. A hero like him leaves his marks in history with his actions and his will to help.

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