Adam Noah Levine

by Joyce Tseng from Taipei

Among all exceptional celebrities of the times, Adam Noah Levine is the one I admire the most, for he has an ability to lead a pop music craze and enables to give the simple tunes a new life. Born on March 18, 1979 in Los Angeles, Adam grew up in a modest family. Because his mother is a designer, Adam has extraordinary artistic talent making him stand out from other entertainers. As a vocal of the household band, Adam tries to project his intense emotions to the songs he writes. Adding up to his glamour, Adam has the eyes of still lake. With his handsome appearance and the efforts he has devoted, too, Adam has drawn much attention since his first album was released in 2001. Gaining many awards, Adam has shot to stardom in recent years and has been recognized as one of the singers who are the most potential in the music field.

Adam is renown for his talent in the music field. Little did most people know that he has suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for a long time. Not being overwhelmed by the catastrophe, Adam tries to overcome the obstacle especially while he is composing. With this deficiency inborn, he has a sympathy for whoever is physically or mentally challenged. As a consequence, he devotes himself to charity business and makes every effort to assist them. What he inspires in me is that his preservation and the courage in the face of his shortcoming. Once I distracted, I usually think of Adam and feel like that I should try my best to suppress my desire. Every time I encounter the setback, I should have a positive attitude just like my hero Adam Noah Levine.

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