Alice in Wonderland

by Trisha from Collingswood

'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see.

Alice is the main fictional character in the novel Alice in Wonderland by author Lewis Carroll. Alice is a 10 year old little girl whose curiosity gets the best of her at times. Mainly when a white rabbit properly dressed in a waistcoat with a pocket watch runs down a rabbit hole talking about "oh how very late" he is. She falls down that same rabbit hole in to a wonderland that just so happens to be the home of many other "mad" characters. This starts her adventure to find a way home, maybe find a friend or two, and to find out who she really is and how the real world might just be a "mad" as the one she is in.

You're most likely wondering why is this 10 year old fictional little girl a hero to me. Alice to me was more then just a fictional character in a story; she was my friend, my teacher, and myself. She was alone in a world she didn't understand, sadly like many kids feel that way in today's world. She taunts me that sometimes it is easier to learn from experience and not just someone telling you right and wrong all the time. Her adventures helped me create my own adventure when i was young and even today. She was an independent child most of the time but when she really needed help she wasn't afraid to ask for it (much like myself).

Alice gets trapped in Wonderland and every time she turns a corner something new comes along, prolonging her from getting back home or to the beautiful garden she sees in the first chapter. Following the white rabbit is the best option, Alice decides, but it's hard to follow someone when you don't know which way they went. She had to be strong and willing to get through a world she knew nothing about. At first she knew it was wrong to go her own way and do what any parent would tell her not to but she would do it any, which helped her learn from her mistakes better. She showed me that. I learned that I have to make my own mistakes to really realize what I should or shouldn't have done. Most parents don't understand that that is sometimes the better way to teach your children (with the exception of a few things).

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