Alex Liddi

by Benji from Forest City

Alex Liddi smiling after a hit ( (The Seattle Times Newspaper))
Alex Liddi smiling after a hit ( (The Seattle Times Newspaper))

Imagine, tens of thousands of fans screaming your name as you come up to bat to face the notorious pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, and here you are, just a small town boy from Italy with a dream. Your name is Alex Liddi, and you are a MLB star. Alex Liddi, the man who was a very hardworking hero, who had a rough background, and now triumphs in the MLB, and still manages to stay humble through it all. It was once said, "The grass is always greener on the other side," and this can not get any more true for Alex Liddi. Growing up in Italy, to becoming a star in professional baseball has been a life changer for this explosive player.

Alex Liddi is a hero to me because he's shown me that anything is possible with compassion and hard work. Growing up in Sanremo, Italy, was not always a luxurious life for a young Alex Liddi. Liddi's family was not supportive of his pursuit of a career and baseball, as they wanted him to run the family business when he got older, but little did they know their son would become the man he is today. Alex's big break finally came when he was drafted into the IMLB, the Italian Major League Baseball league, and soon, be drafted into the MLB in America.

There it is, a hard hit ground ball hit to the third base side of the Mariners defense, it's going to be a hard play, and oh, Alex Liddi makes yet another diving catch! This is the thing Liddi has been working his whole entire life for, something that rarely anyone gets the chance to do, and that thing is playing in the MLB. Alex Liddi has been rated as one of the fastest and most hardworking people in the Major Leagues today, and one of the ways he's been honored with this has been his validity for the Golden Glove award. Liddi has became in his three years in the MLB one of the quickest, most athletic players in the game today.

Being the first Italian MLB baseball player has made a huge impact on not only my life, but the life of many other Italian-Americans. Before Liddi, many Italians began to lose faith in their chance to make it in the MLB. Liddi's strong religious backgrounds, and his athleticism on the field make him one of the most renowned players of the league.

Over the years, Alex Liddi has proven time and time again that the grass really is greener on the other side. Through his outlet of baseball, he has shown his self worth and heroism not only to his MLB based fans, but the countless Italians cheering him on from his homeland in Italy. From growing up in small dock town in Italy, to becoming one of baseballs best players, Liddi has been an everyday nobody turned hero in his quest to become the best third baseman baseball as seen.

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