Abraham Lincoln

by Griffin from Houston

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12,1809 on Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky. Abraham served as the 16th president of the United States. He served from March 1861 until his assassination on April 1865. When Lincoln was only 9 his mother died of milk sickness in 1818. After the death of his mother, his older sister, Sarah, took care of Abraham until his father re-married in 1819. Sarah later died in her 20's while giving birth to a son.

 In 1832, Lincoln bought a general store with his partner in New Salem.The business struggled and he sold his share of the store. In March of 1832 he began his political career with a campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. He had earned local popularity but lacked education and money, which is probably the reason he lost the campaign.

Lincoln served as a captain in the Illinois militia during the Black Hawk War. When Lincoln returned he started his campaign for the August 6TH election for the Illinois General Assembly. At his first speech Lincoln saw a person in the crowd being attacked. He grabbed the attacker and threw him. Lincoln finished eight out of thirteen for the election.

On November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln received 1,866,452 votes. The second competitor, Stephen Douglas, received 1,376,957 votes. On February 1,1861 the southern states made it clear they did not like Lincoln. They adopted a constitution and declared to be sovereign nation. Those states were Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Abraham Lincoln is my hero because he freed slaves. He made the world we live in a better place. That's why he is loved across America for his Bravery.

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