Abraham Lincoln

by Ian from Cincinnati

Abraham learned to read at an early age. (Google (ASME))
Abraham learned to read at an early age. (Google (ASME))

How would you feel if you were elected the sixteenth president of the U.S. and you pushed your country into civil war? Well, that's what Abe Lincoln went through, he had a lot of preparation, some good and some bad, and he did his best.

Abraham's early years prepared him for what was yet to come. When he was 9, his mother died of milk fever, this showed him how to deal with loss. He moved to California at age 9-10, this showed him that different places have different cultures. "Sarah recognized Abraham's quick wit and intellect and encouraged him to read." ( He learned to read at early ages and this helped with speeches.

Abraham had to go through a lot of difficult things in his life. He battled chronic depression; this gave him bad and suicidal thoughts. He ran for senate twice and lost, he also ran for president (three campaigns!). Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery and supported the Union, he fought for freedom of slaves for four years!

Picture of Abraham Lincoln (Google (Wikipedia))
Picture of Abraham Lincoln (Google (Wikipedia))

Abraham accomplished a lot in his life. He ran for the first republican president and he succeeded. He led the Union to victory in the civil war. "Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which began the process of freedom for America's slaves" (The Accomplishments of President Abraham Lincoln), this was an important part in the war because it made slaves free after they came into certain states, but it wasn't an immediate affect, they still had to bypass the south's defenses.

Abraham Lincoln had heroic bravery, and he demonstrated persistence, strength, and intelligence. Abe demonstrated persistence by carrying on in the war when times got tough. He demonstrated strength by helping the Union instead of helping himself. Abe demonstrated intelligence by solving problems with generals and passing laws to help the Union.

"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day" (BrainyQuote). This was how Abe worked, free and hard. He wanted slaves to live their own lives, free. He wanted them to work hard to bring America back together, and more improved. When people needed help, he did his best to help them. He pushed his limits in the war, tried to focus in the most crazy environment, and all to help the slaves of America and for the greater good of our nation so we would all come together. Abraham Lincoln is my hero because he let people live to their potential.

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