Abraham Lincoln

by Ritchie from Taipei

I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a small log house in Kentucky, so luxury was impossible for him to attain. His ambitions for education were buried under his father's testament for him to be a farmer. He went to school less than a year, mainly by his hard self-study learning. So he said that his learning is "hand-picked". And when he was twenty-seven years old, Lincoln made a lawyer qualified to pass the exam.

In spite of his spectacular achievements. Abraham Lincoln never failed to be selfless. He did what he could do to preserve the Union. He served the nation even if he was in the most respected position as President. He maintained Federation complete to enhance the powers of the federal government, and to promote the economy. He leaves the USA in peace, so he is one of the greatest presidents in my mind. For the abolitionists, Lincoln is a defender of human freedom. Many Americans think he is a man of outstanding ability.

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