Abraham Lincoln

by Jake from Cincinnati

Abraham Lincoln ((Freeschool))
Abraham Lincoln ((Freeschool))

Abraham Lincoln was a hero because first off he was one of our presidents and he is on Mt Rushmore. Another thing is that he freed all the slaves in America. Jjust imagine if he did not free all the slaves we might have never got freedom.

Abraham was the 16th president and was president for 4 years and then got assassinated. People proclaim him to be the best president that ever lived (Saying that he is on Mt Rushmore along with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt). "" President Lincoln did give everyone in America freedom but at the cost of a civil war.

Abraham Lincoln is On the five dollar bill (google Images  (RadioLab))
Abraham Lincoln is On the five dollar bill (google Images (RadioLab))

Some people might say that President Lincoln was not a hero because he started the Civil War and also when the slaves were freed they had nothing to live on. They are wrong not to call Abraham a hero because if Abraham did not let the slaves go then America might have not gotten its freedom. In these reasons are why Abraham Lincoln is a Hero.

A hero in my opinion is a person who is heroic or bold, also a person who is a inspiration and a good role model. My hero Abraham Lincoln fits all of these characteristics because Abraham ended slavery in the United States of America. He also was a president. Also he was inspirational because he showed us that freedom is worth whatever it takes.

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