Abraham Lincoln

by Micah from Loveland

There are many ways to describe him, but the most respectable way is a "hero". He showed his heroism in multiple ways. Through his actions of perseverance, determination, and humility, Abraham Lincoln was, and is still, a great hero.

One way of describing his heroism is through his remarkable perseverance. Lincoln's family was poor and could not afford much education. To add more to his tragic back story, Abraham lost three of his family members. His morale was low and he was in such a dark place that success looked like a dream. Yet, Lincoln was able to become a great hero in history, by becoming the 16th President of the United States.

Lincoln's determination earned him greatness even through his hard childhood. Abraham worked on railroads and built up fences to earn him money. He did lose the nomination for congress twice. He lost the nomination for vice president. Soon he became president and lead the nation to freedom in the Civil War. His speeches raised moral making his voice popular throughout the young U.S.A.. The Thirteenth Amendment brought hope to the nation and the slaves gained hope through the Emancipation Proclamation.

What is found in every great leader was in Lincoln: humility. Lincoln kept calm in the worst of time to prevent panic from spreading in the nation. He judged based on the people's favor and put rules to help the greater good. Abraham led through persuasion and speeches. His persuasion in writing the Gettysburg Address showed his talent in persuasive humility.

He showed a great amount of perseverance, motivated by pure determination, and loved through his humility. Showing the qualities of true heroism, Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest heroes in American history.

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