Abraham Lincoln

by Tim from St. Louis

Famous Picture of Abraham Lincoln (
Famous Picture of Abraham Lincoln (

Heroes have always entertained us with their stories. With their journeys and adventures, they have interested people of every age. Heroes have done great things, but it sometimes comes with a consequence. Everyone has their own view of a hero. Many people’s heroes are real life people who have done a remarkable thing to change our society and our world. One of those heroes, Abraham Lincoln, has laid a good foundation for our government and left a legacy for many generations to come.

Abraham Lincoln grew up in the Midwest. He was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky. His family moved to Indiana and then to Illinois. Lincoln grew up with a family against slavery. His family was Baptist. Abraham Lincoln did a good job for himself by reading, studying, and working. He was lucky to be raised by a wonderful family and is making it up by living a great childhood and early adulthood.

Abraham Lincoln decided to join into politics. He ran against Douglas for president in 1860 and won. Not long into the office, Lincoln had to deal with the Civil War. Lincoln was able to keep unity in the north. Lincoln chose many wise men to lead the north in major battles like Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg. He had the biggest duty in keeping the nation united through the toughest times.

Lincoln kept a cool head during the war. He made the Emancipation Proclamation to stop slavery in the south. Lincoln was re-elected in 1864. After Gettysburg, he stated the Gettysburg Address. On April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated.

The life of Lincoln was a great impression to all people. He was a man that believed in what was right. He will never give up hope and also gave hope to others. He was a man of wisdom and bravery. He is a wonderful hero to many and me.

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