Abraham Lincoln

by Jewell from Hillsborough

Abraham Lincoln is my role model. He wanted liberty and justice. He also was a good leader and decision maker. Finally, he was a strong person and never gave up his beliefs. This makes Lincoln a very good person and a great hero.

Lincoln wanted liberty and justice throughout his whole life. He supported the anti-slave position throughout his election (Donald, W). He was very brave to support the freedom of slaves when so many people wanted them, and were angry to the point of severe violence. Lincoln was also a judge before he ran for president (Norton, W). He was an excellent person and always wanted things to be equal.

Abraham was a proficient leader and decision maker. He was being called upon to resolve conflicts even when he was a young man (Norton, W). Lincoln made very good decisions and was smart about them. During the civil war, he allowed African Americans to join the Union Army (Norton, W). This was a very brave decision, and he decided to even though others advised against it. Abraham was willing to disregard mistakes and not hold grudges (American Writers, W). This is very good role model behavior and everyone should follow his example. A. Lincoln was a natural leader and I can really look up to him.

Being morally strong was a very prominent trait in Lincoln. He failed as a businessman, farmer, and in many different slots in the government before he became president (Norton, W). A person has to be very strong to not give up and to try after so many failures. Once, he was nearly killed when he heard a gun shot and had a hole through his hat (Norton, W). He persevered and was very brave to dismiss this and keep up his beliefs.

Lincoln has many good attributes. He is my hero because he wanted liberty and justice, he was a good leader and made good decisions, and he was morally strong. Lincoln also really persevered. He had to give many speeches to gain popularity (Norton, W). All in all, Lincoln makes a very good hero for me to look up too.

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