Abraham Lincoln

by Christian from San Diego

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

This man was one who always thought positive even if the world went into hell. No matter what he always did his best to make it as good as possible. This man was Abraham Lincoln a man who once believed its not whats on the outside its what is on the inside and he made sure that that is what he looked at not at their faults but the good traits that they have. He made sure he looked at all aspects of the situation and also made sure he was doing what was right. Abraham Lincoln was an honest and trustworthy man who always was ahead of the game he made sure that he always had things done before they were even asked to be. For example "Abraham Lincoln had already taken steps in the direction of the federal army who have conquered the southern area."this shows his efforts of planning ahead.This also shows how smart Abraham Lincoln was cause he always knew just what to do. Lincoln was smart even though he did not have much of an education when he was younger.


He had an education but not much of one he only went to school threw the fifth grade and afterwards his parents pulled him from it other than that he only had books to read and to learn from which were not much use to him. In his later years he learned more by one buying more books in fact he had a whole library and self teaching himself how to do things and find information on certain topics.Throughout his efforts he did not always succeed in fact he failed more than a few times as a child like everyone else he always thought if at first you don't succeed try and try again. This is why he was more successful in his later years he learned from his mistakes and learned not to make them again even though often times he might of forgot he never made the same mistake twice.He always thought that if you try hard you can succeed at anything no matter the issue you can overcome it. He was a man of many different traits he was honest, noble, trustworthy, and also smart in some ways these are traits that are admired and loved by the people that loved him that shows how trustworthy he was" Abraham Lincoln's nickname was honest Abe and the reason why is because he always told the truth even in the worst situations possible.

This shows how he was truthful and honest. Even though everyone thought of him differently he never listened he always thought bigger to make the country bigger and better than it already was. He fought in wars and also he loved what he did even if things got difficult he was not a dejected man he was a man who was very much loved by his family and others.This man who was loved very much got killed in one of the worst ways possible, he got slaughtered in a theater next to his wife. What he thought would be the perfect evening turned out to be his death. He loved his life even with its faults and all he made sure that he lived life to its fullest all the time. This is Abraham Lincoln in my perspective and this is also him in others perspective a honest loyal man. One who can be trusted.

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