Abraham Lincoln

by Jacob from Wallingford

My hero was born February 12, 1809 in Illinois. He was the 16th president of the United States. My hero's name of the 19th century is Abraham Lincoln. The main thing that makes my person a hero is that he died trying to help save our country. He was assassinated in 1865 when trying to convince the south to stop slavery. In my head he will never be forgotten.

If he never lived you could be a slave right now and have no rights for yourself. Wouldn't that change your life forever? Who in the world could be more of a hero then him in the 19th century? I think no other person could be more of a hero then him. All Lincoln wanted was peace with the south and to free the black slaves. I would hate to be a slave. In my opinion, Lincoln did the right thing.

Lincoln was trying to help the slaves in the south. He wanted to free the slaves in the south and send them to Africa. He also wanted to please the north so they didn't have any slaves anymore, because the south wanted slaves but the north didn't. He wanted to free the slaves because it was cruel to own slaves and he believed it wasn't right for the south to own slaves. In the American Civil War he defeated the secessionist Confederate States of America to stop the slavery of the south.

His life is very important because if he didn't help stop Slavery who else do you think would? I think no other person would so that makes Lincoln a hero. He helped us realize that slaves are people too and they should be treated equally like how we are treated. If he never was president we would all still be in war right now. He showed us that bravery by doing all he can to help free the slaves in the south that it did a huge part in all our lives. He made the world change, who else did? Well not many people made it change the way he did. That�s why he is my hero!

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