Abraham Lincoln

by Carter from Highlands Ranch

Abraham Lincoln ( (John L. Hobson))
Abraham Lincoln ( (John L. Hobson))

"What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried against the new and untried?"- Abraham Lincoln

         These words embody the idea that change is good, and our 16th president's term changed the American way of life forever. Abraham Lincoln wasn't a fancy guy, he wasn't a perfect president to everyone, but he was definitely dedicated. Lincoln had a tough childhood, bouncing from Kentucky to Indiana to Illinois, in which they had to walk and ride state to state, while losing his mother, aunt, uncle, and sister along the way. A lot of other stuff in his life wasn't easy either. When he set out to make a living, he got into a partnership, which was good, but as we all know, he eventually went into politics, so his career would change. Another misfortune in his earlier life was when he met his wife, her family didn't like him, so their engagement was called off, but eventually they got reengaged.

        Lincoln started as a lawyer, but eventually came into office. Soon the civil war started, and it became the bloodiest war in American history, a scar on our nation's history that may never heal. When Lincoln went into office, he didn't intend to win a civil war, free the African population, or change the U.S. forever for the better. It happened out of the blue, but Lincoln, with years of work negotiating and endless patience, won. He didn't shoot a gun, or swing a sword, or fire artillery, but through his actions he brought down slavery and built a better nation.

        Being president isn't easy, especially when half the nation has turned on you. No other president ever reunited the U.S. or made such a drastic change in the way we all lived. He may not have thought of freeing the slaves when he started, but he became a strong and loyal supporter. He was lenient, he didn't punish Confederates, but some supporters still didn't like him. John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham while he was watching a play. There was a massive manhunt, a symbol that the citizens of the U.S. were now dedicated to him as he was to them.

        Abraham Lincoln was a good leader, peacemaker, and person all around. He made some of the first steps toward true equality, and today we're finally there. He has left a lasting impression on all of our lives, and it will be there for years to come. A person who puts their life into what they believe is a person who can get good to triumph. A true hero is a person who does what's right, and one of these heroes is Abraham Lincoln.

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