Abraham Lincoln

by Sean from Wallingford

Abraham Lincoln lived in the 19th century, and was born in 1809. He was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. He grew up in a log cabin. Abraham tried to help people that were in need. The biggest thing people remember him for is when he helped blacks become free. This was important because it allowed everyone to be equal; no one was treated unfairly which made the world a better place.

Abraham Lincoln was a great leader, he was a great example for many to follow, and he was a great person that cared about everyone around him just as if they were his family. In the 19th century blacks and whites were not equal but many people wanted to change this but they didn’t know how. One of those people was Abraham Lincoln and he did have an idea of how to do it. Abraham Lincoln made many speeches and even fought for the rights that he believed everyone should have. These actions meet my definition because in my definition I said, I believe a hero is someone that is not scared of anything or is brave. If Abraham Lincoln was not brave then we could still have slavery today, because he was brave and not afraid to do what he believed in, he got what he wanted and what many people that couldn’t do anything about it wanted. This had a great impact on the whole U.S. and because of him people had freedom. Abraham is quoted while he was in the civil war, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.” I picked this quote because it showed what kind of man Abraham Lincoln was, and it showed in the way he talked and in the way he acted. He never wanted anyone to not have freedom.

The second action I am focusing on, that Abraham Lincoln accomplished, was going through the Black Hawk war. The reason I thought this accomplishment was important was because again Abraham Lincoln showed no fear and again wanting to help those that needed him. This was was one of Abraham Lincoln's first times being a true leader. Lincoln was elected captain of his first company. Although he never saw action in the field he still led as a captain when others needed him. Abraham Lincoln also was a private and a spy while he was in this war. He affected or impacted those around him in this war because he lead by a great example, and he also showed bravery to the men he was captain of. He did this by not showing fear and even in the aftermath of battle he was there to help those in need. Abraham Lincoln is quoted, "Then came the Black-Hawk war; and I was elected a Captain of Volunteers--a success which gave more pleasure than any I have had since." I chose this because it showed how much Abraham Lincoln wanted to be a leader.

Abraham Lincoln left a great legacy for many to follow. Abraham Lincoln's legacy left a great example for many to follow and is someone that is remembered for being a savior because without him there could still possibly be slavery in the U.S. Today we remember Abraham Lincoln by celebrating his accomplishments on Abraham Lincoln day which is on February 12th. On that day many people remember what he did and honor him by going to his birthplace in Kentucky.

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Have you ever had a hero? Have you ever looked up to someone that you wanted to be like or wanted do things like that person? Well I know I have. Many people have their own hero or someone they can look up to. In my opinion I believe a hero is someone that is brave, cares about people, is trustworthy, and is someone you can look up to. My hero is Abraham Lincoln. He is my hero because just like in my definition he is caring, brave, and he is definitely someone you can look up to. Abraham Lincoln was my hero because he was always trying to help people in need, and he also was never afraid to speak his mind and do what he wanted. In this essay I will tell you why Abraham Lincoln is a hero to me.