Abraham Lincoln

by Phil from Wallingford

Abe Lincoln was born on February 12th 1809 and he was assassinated on April 15th 1865. He was raised in Kentucky and then moved to Indiana in 1816. Then the Lincoln family moved to Illinois because they feared milk sickness. Abraham Lincoln was trying to help slaves and make the country non slave. He didn’t want there to be slaves because he didn’t want slaves to be treated bad. He also thought that all people should be treated the same. This was important because now people had to pay other people to do their work or do it themselves

The first thing that makes Abraham Lincoln a hero is the Civil War. He defines my meaning of a hero because he led the northern states through a tough war. Abraham Lincoln brought 75,000 troops to battle against the South. Abe Lincoln devoted nearly all his time in planning to win the war against the South. He started to use freed slaves to help him in the war. This war impacted many people because he was trying to stop slavery and he also fought against his own country. I think this quote really describes him, “ the ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

Another topic I’m going top talk about is the Lincoln Douglas debate. This meets my definition because he wanted to become president so he could finally end slavery. During the debate Lincoln followed Douglas to seven towns for a debate. At the end Lincoln ended up winning over Douglas but didn’t win the senate seat because the Illinois legislature were all democratic and voted for Douglas. During the debates Lincoln figured that Douglas didn’t care if the vote for slaves increased or decreased. Lincoln became famous for winning the debate but then went on to became even more noticed. An impact he left on people was that every person should be treated equal and no one should be treated uneven.

People that would not have thought that Lincoln was not a hero were a lot of the people from the South and John Wilkes Booth. Because John Wilkes Booth didn’t like Abraham Lincoln he tried to kill him one night while Lincoln was at a play. And the people from the South started a war with Lincoln and the troops from the North. Lincoln was not stopped by the South but he was stopped by John Wilkes Booth. On April 15th 1865 John Wilkes Booth went into a hallway near Lincoln's President seat and shot him. One way Abraham Lincoln avoided being squished was winning the Civil War against the South.

Abraham Lincoln left a very good legacy behind so people can do what he did. If Abraham Lincoln didn’t try to stop slavery in the South then slavery might have lasted much longer.

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I think a hero is a person that you look up to. The hero I chose is Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln is my hero because he guided the northern states through one of the toughest wars. In this essay I will prove that Abraham Lincoln is a hero because he is someone that I look up to.