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Abraham Lincolm

by Kathy from San Diego

Abraham before Presidency
Abraham before Presidency

Imagine a young, illiterate boy covered in sweat from hard labor on the farm, working proficiently for many hours and for most of the year. Who would have known that that illiterate, farming boy would grow up to be the 16th President of America, none the less a great revolutionist: Abraham Lincoln. Abraham, born on February 12th, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky had lived through the death of his mother, younger brother (Thomas), older sister (Sarah aka. Nancy), and other close relatives and friends. Adding to the emotional distress Abe had a “disconnection with his father” ("Abraham Lincoln." Presidential Administration Profiles for Students). After his mother’s death and disconnection with his father Abraham grew closer to his sister Nancy. “14 months after his mother died his father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston. Over time she and Abe grew close and she supported him greatly” ("Abraham Lincoln." Presidential Administration Profiles for Students). At the age of 33, Lincoln married Mary and had four sons (Robert Todd; Edward Baker; William Wallace; Thomas (Tad) but, sadly only Robert lived to adulthood. During Civil War and Abe’s Presidency he was concerned about Gettysburg, Fort Donelson, Fort Heiman, Fort Henry, Cumberland River, Fort Donelson, Tennessee River because those places were major locations for winning the war. Lincoln is found buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. Abraham Lincoln was best known as the first President to be assassinated, saving the Union and freeing the slaves. Abraham Lincoln's bravery, leadership skills, and ambitious nature have helped America through the hardships of the Civil War. During these times he has become an irreplaceable and beloved figure of American history.

Abraham Lincoln was undeniably a brave man. Lincoln gambled big to implement his ideals when his beliefs were not accepted in the 1800s. "When he was under great pressure to abandon emancipation as a condition for peace, he staked his career on protecting freed-men, saying he would be 'damned' if he abandoned them." (Lincoln, Abraham." International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.) Abraham Lincoln takes steps into what he believes are right and does his own things whether liked or not. Lincoln took major risk to get people to understand he was right. Lincoln did things that weren’t acceptable in the 1800s and did it without shame. "These resolutions, together with one to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia, brought sharp criticism from the people back in Illinois. Lincoln was 'not a patriot.' His political career seemed to be ended."(“Abraham Lincoln." Encyclopedia of World Biography.) Even though realizing the results of his loss he still continued to stand and do as he pleased. He could've kept his job if he'd kept quiet but didn't, has proved his bravery by stating his opinion to others who disagreed with his ideals. Abraham Lincoln was undoubtedly a brave man willing to take major risks to enforce his ideals no matter what happens to him.

Abraham's ambitious character had helped him to reach new heights and goals to achieve more from his life. Lincoln with lack of knowledge strived for a better education by teaching himself. "Self-education in Lincoln's era was not uncommon, but the depth, breadth, and sophistication Lincoln gained from his efforts was exceptional." (Abraham Lincoln." Presidential Administration Profiles for Students.) Lincoln could've chosen the life as a farmer in which he was proficient enough but decided to open up his world with new understanding. He was dedicated to his goals and accomplishes it with high marks. Abe accomplished astonishing achievements and persists with more. "Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was immortalized by his Emancipation Proclamation, his Gettysburg Address, and two outstanding inaugural addresses." ("Abraham Lincoln." Encyclopedia of World Biography.) Abraham Lincoln strived to realize his beliefs towards slavery and created laws to help benefit the Union. He also continued to pile more feats as time passed on. Lincoln had shown his burning ambitions numerous times and this ambitious personality helped shape him and America.

Abraham’s leadership skills were certainly necessary during his presidency. During Presidency, Abraham Lincoln faced many struggles inside and outside the government. "During the war years, Lincoln struggled with incompetent generals and faced criticism over his policies. Yet his guidance and determination helped bring victory to the Union and freedom to millions of black Americans." ("Abraham Lincoln." American Civil War Reference Library.) Lincoln had led the way to change with his decisions and actions. He was calm when faced with dangers and hardships that came and he resolved them with skill. Abraham had aspects that would make any leader envious. "He was able to analyze situations quickly and make good decisions. He was also good at dealing with difficult people." ("Abraham Lincoln." American Civil War Reference Library.) "He also faced constant criticism from opponents who disagreed with his policies."("Abraham Lincoln." American Civil War Reference Library.) Abe's decisions were decisions that would better help him and the countries people. He skillfully handled problems and criticism and led his people. Abraham Lincoln led his people professionally towards his ideals and victory.

Through the turmoil of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln showed unparalleled bravery, ambition, and leadership skills making him a cherished figure of American society. Abraham Lincoln tried to impose his morals using his heroic aspects. Abraham inspires me and others because he stands up for his ideals and takes necessary actions to persuade people to see from his point of view. He also leads his people through thick and thin without losing confidence even if tempted. When you go to historic lands and see remnants of the Civil War you are reminded that Abraham Lincoln is the one who brought a stop to slavery and bloodshed and change.

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