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Abraham Lincoln

by Dylan from Wallingford

Abraham Lincoln Memorial  (Uploaded on August 3, 2007 by [[|**psilver []**]])
Abraham Lincoln Memorial (Uploaded on August 3, 2007 by [[|**psilver []**]])

There are many heroes in life. Many people have many different heroes. For example, some people would think as their parents or their grandparents as their heroes. There are also many different ways you can describe a hero. What I think is a hero is someone you can rely on, someone you can trust, and a leader. That’s why I picked Abraham Lincoln. He fits that definition perfectly.

 A picture of Abraham Lincoln  (Uploaded on August 8, 2007 By
A picture of Abraham Lincoln (Uploaded on August 8, 2007 By

Abraham Lincoln lived during the time of the Civil War. He was one of the main people in the Civil War because he was President at the time and he was on the North's side. He thought that slavery was bad and thought that everyone should be treated fairly. This was important because slavery was a brutal system and needed to be stopped.

What makes my person a hero is that he is someone you can trust to make the right decisions because, for example, when he made the decision to go to war with the south to stop slavery. He is also someone you can rely on because if he says something he’s going to back it up and not just back down from what he says. Something else that makes him a hero is that he shows leadership. When they were in the war he didn’t back down. No matter what happened, he always kept fighting and fighting.

Abraham Lincoln’s legacy was that he was the sixteenth president. But he was one of the more important presidents. He thought that slavery wasn’t good and should be abolished. He then declared war on the South to preserve the Union after they fired on Fort Sumtor. He then won the war and slavery was abolished.

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