Abraham Lincoln

by Matt from San Diego

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was such a good writer, people say one of his speeches was more important than the battle the speech was about. He didn’t just make outstanding essays; he also was a general of the army in the Blackhawk War. Lincoln encourages kids today to make a difference in their homes and in their community. Lincoln was a born in a log cabin and Kentucky in the year 1809-1865. He spent eight years in state legislature and his partner described him as, ”A little engine that knew no rest.” He had went on to become the 16th president and even though many people doubted him, but with his hard work and perseverance he became an outstanding president.

5 dollar bill
5 dollar bill

Abraham Lincoln was a hard working man and because of his hard work he got everything he wanted. Since he was hard working he created the biggest proclamation in the world. He had created the Emancipation Proclamation which stopped slavery and those slaves joined his army to get back at the south. So because of this speech it helped the north conquer the south because so many slaves joined the army. Since they conquered the south that made all the slaves in the south free. Then Lincoln saved the Union. He saved the Union by creating the Emancipation Proclamation. So he did two outstanding things from one essay. This is why Abraham Lincoln was a hard working man.

Lincoln was also a man with perseverance. He showed perseverance by becoming the sixteenth president. He didn’t get elected the first time so he kept trying until he became the president on his second try. This showed how he had perseverance. Many troops were waging war so Lincoln issued Ulysses grant as general of his army. The other army was too scared to fight so the governor of Pennsylvania surrendered to Ulysses Grant’s army. So this is why Abraham is my hero because of his perseverance.

Lincoln did outstanding things in his life and he is a persevering hard working man. Lincoln was remembered for creating the Emancipation Proclamation and ending slavery. He also was remembered for bringing 200,000 slaves into war with him and defeating the south. He inspires me and others with his determination. This is why I chose Abraham Lincoln.

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