Abraham Lincoln

by Tiffany from Wallingford

He lived from February 12, 1809 to April 15, 1865. He lived in Illinois. He was trying to help free the slaves. He was against how the United States were treating the blacks. His actions were important because he freed the slaves from working to death and let them be free.

One event that happened was when Lincoln made his speech for blacks to have the right to be free. It meets my definition by that Lincoln stood up for those in need. He told the people of America that blacks are as equal to those who are not, it was like unbalanced. Lincoln also said that a house that is divided will not stand which means half slave and half free. He did all he could to get slaves their freedom. It had impacted people’s lives by that the slaves were soon freed. If you put your mind to something that you believe is right don't be afraid, be strong and say that you believe because that is what Lincoln did.

Another event that happened was when Lincoln went New Orleans, he witnessed slaves being beaten and abused and Lincoln did something about it. It meets my definition of a hero by that Lincoln personally tried to do something. He stood up for those who were being pushed around. That was the first human slavery Lincoln had ever seen, it told the truth. When Lincoln ran for president that was one of his main ideas to do if he became president - to stop slavery. It impacted people’s lives by that Lincoln became president and was able to speak his mind and tell others his reasons. It just goes to show you if you believe you will one day reach your goal.

People who would have thought Lincoln was not a hero are people who think that slaves do not deserve to be free. They said that slaves do not deserve to be free and that he didn't have a chance. Other people believed that slaves should just work. He stood up for what he believed and never believed the worse. He just kept strong.

The way that Lincoln's actions eventually benefited others was that slaves were freed and able to be their own person. Everyone started seeing blacks as they would any other man or woman. Lincoln's actions impacted the lives of everyone and they were individuals, not slaves any more. They were a country united as one. Everyone was equal.

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Heroes are important in daily life in the 19th century because they help people in need or in daily life. The name of my hero is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is my hero because he helped people when they were in need. In this essay I will prove that Lincoln was a hero because he helped those who were in need and stood up for the less fortunate.