Abraham Lincoln

by Josh from Overland Park

The Greatest American Hero: Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky 1809, February 12th. He lived there for 2 years with his sister Sarah, and his parents Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. After two years were up, he and his family moved to Indiana. There his family tried to turn 160 acres into a farm. It was very hard, but eventually, it got better. However, soon Nancy Lincoln died. As a result, Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Johnston. With this she brought her 3 kids. Lincoln then stayed with his family until he was 22. Denton Offutt, a trader, paid Abraham Lincoln and two other men to help a flatboat to New Orleans. Denton Offutt then hired Lincoln as a clerk in New Salem, Illinois. After a while, the business failed.  A war began as the business failed, The Black Hawk War. Lincoln volunteered for the army. When he went into the army, the men elected him as captain. After the war was over, Lincoln ran for a candidate of the state legislature, but he was defeated. Since Abraham had to make a living, he saw a business opportunity in a partnership with William F. Berry. He took it, but it just got deeper and deeper into debt. As a result, it failed, and Lincoln was forced to do a new job. He had many odd jobs, but he made a living. After a while, William F. Berry died, and left Lincoln with 1,100 dollars to pay off. He eventually did pay this off. Later, he ran again for Legislature, and won. He served four two year terms. Afterwards, Lincoln ran for president in 1860, and won the election. Once he became president, he did many things that would change the United States of America. The first thing he did was free the slaves. This did cause a civil war, but the outcome changed the future of America. Without the slaves, he altered the future entirely. The economy changed, and the rights changed. Lincoln had the courage to do what was right, to free the slaves. If it were not for Abraham Lincoln,  America wouldn't be the same as it is today. We may even be two completely different countries, North United States, and the Confederate States.  For this, Lincoln was not only a President, he was a hero. However in April 14, 1865 he was assassinated by John Booth while attending Our American Cousin. He died April 15, at 7:22 am. Although he is dead, his heroism will never be forgotten.



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