Abraham Lincoln

by Clay from Kansas City

Has there ever been a hero in your life? Well, Abraham Lincoln is one of my heroes and is an American hero because he saved the lives of millions of slaves.

Some of the hardships and virtues he showed are that he had no one to educate him beyond a sixth grade. He had the passion to read and not having any books made him walk six miles to get a book on U.S. history.  He showed perseverance because it took him four years to get into congress. He also was unselfish because he helped other candidate in his party in order to get votes to be president.  Plus, he showed courage to run for president. He was also smart for using the resources to the North's advantage. Such as train and factory to make guns.


He demonstrated heroism when he helped his party get their presidential candidate. He also demonstrated heroism when he freed the slaves. And he never gave up even when the south invaded the north. Abraham Lincoln is an America hero because of what he did and who he saved.

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