Abraham Lincoln

by Ethan from Hillsborough

Abraham Lincoln is my role model in life. Abraham Lincoln fought for what he thought was right. He was determined to make a difference in the world. Lincoln was a very successful man even though he had no education when he was growing up as a child. Abraham Lincoln was a great man in every aspect of life.

Abraham Lincoln fought for what he thought was right. He fought for keeping the nation together in the Civil War and always paid tribute to the ones who were lost in the Civil War (Explore P.A History, W). Abraham Lincoln always knew what was right and took the right road in life. Also, Abraham Lincoln made many public speeches (Explore P.A. History, W). Abraham Lincoln knew how to fix the biggest problems in life and how to get people’s attention to help. Lincoln always put articles in the local newspapers to raise awareness of problems going on in the world (Explore P.A. History, W). He was great at fighting for what was right and he always made people realize the bad things that were going on and how to fix them. Abraham Lincoln was a peacemaker through out our world and country.

Abraham Lincoln was determined to make a difference in our country and in our world. Lincoln gave a published speech to the Illinois Legislate for the Legislate to really understand the problems in our country and world (Abraham Lincoln online, W). Even if it took great measures to accomplish something Lincoln still persisted in what he believed. Abraham Lincoln made the first ever declaration against slavery to the public (Abraham Lincoln Online, W). If it meant putting his life in danger, Lincoln would still fight for something because he was determined to change the world.

Abraham Lincoln still persisted in life without much of an education. Lincoln had less than one year of education in his whole entire life (Abraham Lincoln, W). Abraham Lincoln was still very smart without having an education. Teachers didn’t have any qualifications to teach, so the teachers were barely smarter than the students/pupils (Abraham Lincoln, W). Also, it is amazing that Lincoln taught himself so many things without any assistance. Lincoln was still one of the smartest and successful people without an education.

Abraham Lincoln is my all-time hero in my life. Lincoln went through very many tough and rugged times in his childhood and when he was growing up. His ancestor was killed by an Indian very early in his life (Abraham Lincoln, W). Lincoln always took the harder roads in life which also made him accomplish many more things (Abraham Lincoln, W). Abraham Lincoln was a spectacular person and changed the world forever.

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