Abraham Lincoln

by Kevin from Saipan

A hero is a person that you admire. Who is my hero? Of course Abraham Lincoln is my hero and he was also a president. Why is Abraham Lincoln a hero? Because he was a great president, smart, and brave. If you don't think so, then I will tell you about his life as president.

Abraham Lincoln is my hero. He was a great president. In his life as president, he made independence for the black people and ended their slavery life. He let some states be controlled by America, and he also fought with other countries to protect his country in the Civil War. If Abraham Lincoln didn't free the black people, I think America would not be as solid as now and it would not be a strong economic country.

Abraham Lincoln is my hero. He is a smart person. He was a white president, but he was on the side of black people. He helped them get back to a normal life. That's not an easy thing to do for white people, but Abraham Lincoln stood on their side as president and thought how to make America become better.

Abraham Lincoln is my hero. He is brave. He was not a normal president. In his life, he joined in many wars and he never gave up land. He still fought with other countries to protect his country. For example, if he didn't fight with Mexico, maybe America would have lost so many places and America may not be as great of an economic country.

Abraham Lincoln was a great president of the United States. When he became a president, the first thing he did was free the black people in the United States. The second thing he did was in three weeks, he help Colombia get out of trouble. He still did a great job when enemies attacked his country. He knew how to protect his country when no one would tell him. In his life as president, we can see he was brave, smart, and did great things.

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