Abraham Lincoln

by Sam from Fremont

Abraham Lincoln**********************
A portait of Abraham Lincoln (
A portait of Abraham Lincoln (

Abraham Lincoln has a nickname, which is “Honest Abe.” He was the 16th president; historians call him the greatest American president because he led our country through the Civil War. He was born February 12, 1809. He was born in a log cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky. His mom’s name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln and his dad’s name was Thomas Lincoln. His family was part of a different church because they were against slavery.

A picture of Abraham Lincoln in his younger years <br>(<br>abe_lincoln.htm)
A picture of Abraham Lincoln in his younger years

His mother died in 1818 from milk disease and his younger brother, Thomas, died at infancy. He went to school with his older sister, Sarah. The year after his mother died Abraham Lincoln’s dad remarried. Abe loved his new step-mom, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln. Abe loved to read more than work in the field, which led to a difficult relationship with he father, who was the opposite.

Abe’s life was hard. Most of his family had died when he was young. He was left with his dad and step-mom, his sister died during childbirth. When Abraham Lincoln ran for president he was part of a Republic Party. Everyone always wonders what Abe kept in his hat… well in his hat Abe kept governmental papers. He married Marry Todd and had four kids, but only one lived until maturity. Abraham Lincoln is my hero because he was honest, kind, and never gave up no matter what kind of challenges came up in front of him. He led us through the Civil War and we cannot thank him enough for that.

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