Abraham Lincoln

by Michael from Dublin

A hero should be someone who helps other people, they think about others before themselves, and always do things to the best of their abilities. That's why my hero, the 16th president, is Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a small log cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky. His Father wanted him to be a farmer but he ended up being the 16th president. He was president during one of the bloodiest wars, the Civil War. It was over slavery or non-slavery, between the North and the South.

First of all, Abraham Lincoln is a hero because he helped other people. During the Civil war, he went to war against slavery. In the end, he won and helped all of the slaves in the South.

Secondly, Abraham Lincoln is a hero because he thought of others before himself. When he was president, he was not thinking about how he could make more money or if he should attend a party. No, he was thinking about what other ways he could help the slaves in the South. He led a whole war just to ban slavery.

Last but not least, Abraham Lincoln is a hero because he did things to the best of his ability. One of his quotes is, "Whatever you are, be a good one." He spent days working on the war and worked as hard as he could doing campaigns and other things to fight slavery. Since Abraham Lincoln helps other people, thinks about others before himself, and always does things to the best of his abilities, in my book, Abraham Lincoln is a certified hero.

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