Abraham Lincoln

by Kirsten from Tiburon

Abraham Lincoln in 1863, age 54 (Wikipedia (M.P. Rice))
Abraham Lincoln in 1863, age 54 (Wikipedia (M.P. Rice))

Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville KY, February 12, 1809 and died in Washington D.C., April 15, 1865. He led the Civil War and won, making slavery illegal. I think Abraham Lincoln is a great hero because he was determined to make slavery illegal and he sacrificed his life for blacks' rights.

Abraham Lincoln had two siblings. Sarah and Thomas Jr. His mother, Nancy Hanks, died in 1818 leaving his father, Thomas Lincoln, to look after the children. However, in 1819 Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston.

Abraham Lincoln was a very honest and fair man. Many people know him as "Honest Abe". He did a lot of honest and fair acts of heroism in his life. For example, one evening he was counting the money in the drawer and found he was a few cents over what he should have had. When he realized he has accidentally short changed a customer he walked a long distance to return the money. He was also compassionate to slaves because he fought for their rights. Abraham was told to be a great listener. Like most leaders he had to deal with all different kinds of people. He heard everyone out and tried to make rules that would make everyone happy.

Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation during the third year of the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation made the North stronger which then led them to winning, making slavery illegal. Being a supporter of slaves, John Wilkes Booth did not like this new law so he shot President Lincoln.

Without Abraham Lincoln slavery would have been legal for a longer time. He sacrificed his life for blacks' rights. Personally, I think slavery is bad so I appreciate how Abraham Lincoln was determined to make slavery illegal.

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