Freedom Heroes

Abraham Lincoln

by Tyler from Collingswood

This kind hearted Caucasian United States president freed my people, the slaves, from their ever so harsh white owners. My fellow African American ancestors were given a chance at life all because of this one white man. He is a hero to all of us black people. And he is a savior to all of us.

Heroes are people who are strong willed, brave, loyal, honorable, respected, hard working, selfless, and so much more. Lincoln shows great examples of all these traits. He made such an impact on many lives in so many ways. Lincoln is someone who everyone in the world will always know for everything he did for America.

Lincoln was such a significant part of this world and had so many great characteristics. He was loyal to the U.S. and was dedicated to being president. He has made such an impact in the world and his inspiration and changes from his time still lives on today.

In the mid-1800's, the United States had been a country for less than 90 years and was facing difficult times. The issue of slavery was dividing the nation. The Southern states were in favor of slavery, and the Northern states wanted to abolish or end slavery. He helped by abolishing slavery and uniting the country back as one.

All of these traits are why he is looked on as a hero to me. All his exceptional actions that he did to help the U.S. is another reason. Any one person who can affect so many lives and make so many great changes should always be looked on as a hero. He is a hero to me and it is very obvious why, he was a great man, and an outstanding president who made changes in the U.S. that would be looked at forever.

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