Abraham Lincoln

by Alex from Williamsville

"I walk slowly but I never walk backwards." A popular quote from Abraham . Abraham Lincoln wanted to make America a better place for everyone especially African Americans. He wanted to stop slavery and make it illegal because he knew that African Americans were people too, that their skin color didn't matter, and that they should have rights too.

Lincoln had sort of a tough childhood. First of all, for most of his childhood he lived in only a one room log cabin with his sister, his mom, and his dad. Plus, his family moved four times. Lincoln only went to school for nine months. Also, his mother died of poisoned milk that she drank when Lincoln was just 10 years old. Soon after his mother died his father remarried and Lincoln had a step mother. Luckily, his step mother was very nice and treated Lincoln and his sister very nicely. Some of his hobbies were playing pranks and telling jokes. But the jokes and pranks were never harmful they were just funny and made people laugh. Lincoln also loved to read Aesop fables. As you can see, this is what Abe Lincoln's childhood was like.

Lincoln has so many accomplishments and he did so much in his life for other people. First of all, he put an end to slavery and made it illegal. By doing this he made he helped out so many people. He also made life a lot better and easier for so many African Americans because he freed them from slavery. Lincoln also was the presidents of the United States and the time. He also helped out a lot in the civil war. Now, some of the things that that Lincoln did for the community were that he helped the poor and the people that were slaves. He also tried to make people think that slavery was wrong too. This is why Abe Lincoln is a hero, and what he does for the community and some accomplishments he has made.

Lincoln didn't have an easy life just because he was president. He actually had so many obstacles and challenges to face. For example, Lincoln's son Willie died from the flu when he was just eleven years old. Also, it also took Lincoln so many times to be elected for president but he never gave up. Also, when he finally was elected president he had to move away from his hometown and all of the people he knew and were his friends. He could only bring his family with him. Another thing is, that very soon after he was elected president the civil war broke out and that was very hard for him. As you can see, these are some challenges and obstacles that Lincoln had to face throughout his life.

Lincoln had many records and honors that he is famous for. First of all, he was the president of the United States. Also, he was also elected for a second term as president. Before he became the president he was a legislator. He also is honored very strongly because he put an end to slavery. And by doing that he became a hero all across the United States. These are some popular records and honors that Lincoln has.

Abe Lincoln has many character traits and hero. For example, one trait Lincoln has is honesty. Also because Lincoln is honest people were able to trust him without thinking that he was lying. Another trait Lincoln has is caring. For example, Lincoln was caring because he always thought about how the slaves felt, and how they were treated and he cared about them. Last but not least, Lincoln was always very respectful. For example, he was respectful because he was always nice and never mean to the candidates he was running up against in an election. These are some character traits and hero qualities that Lincoln has and is recognized for.

Abe Lincoln was a very good person and he helped save so many people and so many people's lives. And I hope that this passage can help you understand that better as well. As you can see this is why Abraham Lincoln was a very important person and hero because if we never had him what do think it would be like today?

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