Abraham Lincoln

by Katie from Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (I drew this picture.)
Abraham Lincoln (I drew this picture.)

Have you ever been shocked that your hero was the 16th president? Abraham Lincoln was born Feb. 12, 1809 Hodgenville KY, and was married to Mary Todd. The 16th president was a lawyer and didn't attend college. There are four reasons why he's my hero.

The first reason is because he freed the country from the institution of slavery. The second is because he freed the slaves from the South. The third reason is he signed the Emancipation of Proclamation. The fourth reason is that he held the country together. When the 16th president got married to Mary they had children Rob, Will, and Tom.

There is one thing I admired him so much and that is that he signed the Homestead Act in 1862, when he was the 16th president. Abraham Lincoln was a really important president back in those days. The 16th president is on a five dollar bill, and a penny.

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