Abraham Lincoln

by Jules from Amiens

A hero is someone who is courageous, committed and persevering. A hero is someone who is able to help others in all situations, but he must be able to overcome lots of obstacles in his life. Abraham Lincoln has all of these qualities, making him a true hero. He has overcome one principal obstacle: the American Civil War and he dedicated his life to fight slavery.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12th 1809 in Kentucky in the United States. He was the sixteenth American president. He was elected president of the United States in 1860 and just after his election, the American Civil War began. This war was the biggest challenge he overcame in his life but he succeeded and kept the union of the American people. Like i said before, Abraham Lincoln dedicated his life to fight slavery. During the American Civil War he wrote the Slave Emancipation Proclamation which gave freedom to slaves. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April, 15th 1865. Seven months after, the Thirteenth Amendment was voted and he abolished officially slavery. That's why Lincoln was considered a hero. 

I am inspired by Abraham Lincoln's perseverance in slavery abolition. First, despite revolts and conflicts he never stopped his fight against slavery. Then, he is considered a hero by lots of American people and others like me. Finally, he inspires me in my personal life because i hate people who are racist and who denigrate someone only because he comes from another country or he has different origins and i hate above all racism.

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